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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hawaii Film Tax Credit So Far

Totally forgot to post this article by Sean Hao written a month ago. It discusses how Hawaii's 15-20% tax credit has been doing since it took effect on July 1, 2006. Per preliminary figures provided by the Hawaii Film Office, 27 productions have registered to apply for the tax credit, representing total anticipated in-state expenditures of about $127 million. These productions reported that they planned to hire 5,323 people, 4,276 (or 80%) of which would be Hawaii residents.

Please note that these figures are merely estimates based on information provided on the Production Registration Form , which is filed prior to the start of shooting in Hawaii. Productions must file a Hawaii Production Report after production wraps in order to confirm their qualification for the tax credit. It is on this second document that a production reports its actual Hawaii expenditures and hires.

Among the productions that have submitted Production Registration Forms are feature films "Tropic Thunder," "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," "Pirates of the Caribbean 3;" TV shows "Lost," "Las Vegas," and "Soap Talk;" feature documentary "Morning Light;" reality shows "Living Lahaina," "Maui Fever," and "High School Reunion;" and commercials and promo spots.

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