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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

New Mini Local Film Fest, May 14-15

There's another new lil' film fest in town. Here's its official press release:

Misfit Movie Madness!
May 14 & 15
7:00 pm @ ARTS at Marks Garage

Local Film Superheroes the 5' GIANTS are combining forces with other independent filmmakers to bring you this TWO-NIGHT cinematic treat that's low on calories, but packed with impact!

The first night is action-packed with over 5 short movies leaping onto the big screen! Comedies and dramatic shorts from 3TOAD, Renegade Filmmaker, the 5' GIANTS and other local filmmakers that defy the Hollywood Machine. You'll never know what to expect with this cinematic grab bag!

The second night will be an adventure of a different sort. With the premiere of the latest 5' GIANTS feature "Comfortable Affliction" and two other short films taking center stage.

Admission at the door is $8/person. Spirits and surprises will be served. Leave the kids at home because this type of cinema is not for everyone.

For more info or to book your seat in advance, call 349-4195 or email
info@5ftgiants.com. For program info visit: www.myspace.com/5ftgiants

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