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Monday, February 12, 2007

Bills, Bills, Bills

Here's a quick round-up of the latest versions of the film-related bills before the 2007 Hawaii State Legislature. To keep up with the latest status of these bills and learn when to testify at hearings, sign up to get hearing notices by email. Choose the following pertinent committees: House: EDB, TAC, HED, FIN / Senate: EDT, EDU, WAM

SB1920, SD1 - Taxation; Motion Picture, Digital Media, Film Production; Hawaii Television and Film Board; Membership; Appropriation
Recodifies and renames existing motion picture, digital media, and film production tax provisions. Increases the tax credits from fifteen and twenty per cent to twenty and twenty-five per cent. Increases reporting requirements. Increases membership of the Hawaii television and film board; enables the board to delegate certain administrative functions to subcommittees; authorizes the board to not have to meet if no money is in its special fund or no grants are being managed; and appropriates funds to the board's special fund for grants programs.

SB1922, SD1 - Creative Media; Appropriations
Creates financial incentives for and appropriates funds to the academy for creative media at the University of Hawaii to develop plans for a permanent facility in Hawaii; appropriates funds for a digital media incubator facility; establishes and appropriates funds for the music and enterprise learning experience program at the University of Hawaii-Honolulu Community College to develop the technical business skills required by Hawaii's music artists and music industry.

SB1993 - Economic Development; Taxation; Ko Olina Tax Credit; Digital Media Arts; Tourism Training Facility
Establishes the tourism training curriculum committee. Creates a new tax credit for a tourism training facility. Creates a new tax credit for digital media and performing arts. Repeals the Ko Olina tax credit. Appropriates funds.

HB933 - Taxation; Disclosure; Tax Credits
Requires businesses who apply for tax credits that are related to their commercial activities to sign a release statement allowing the department of taxation to publicly disclose their names and the names and amounts of the tax credits claimed. Requires the department of taxation to publicly disclose businesses that receive the tax credits.

HB1868, HD1 - University of Hawaii; Academy for Creative Media
Appropriates funds and creates financial incentives for a permanent facility to house digital equipment and media, classrooms, production laboratories, and related facilities for the Academy for Creative Media at the University of Hawaii.

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