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Friday, January 05, 2007

Start Spreadin' the News

No sleep till Brooklyn

I'm leavin' today...leavin' the film office, that is. Soon, I'm gonna go back to (hopefully) be a part of it in ol' New York.

Yes, my film office job that was supposed to last just 1 year, then became 2 years, then 2-1/2 years, is finally over! I'll be returning to my (other) hometown of NYC. However, I am staying connected to the film office as a part-time consultant.

As for this blog, I intend to keep it up as best I can (as a way of keeping up with what's going on in Hawaii's film industry, which I hope to stay connected to always), which means it will no longer be officially affiliated w/the Hawaii Film Office (which means I can cuss and stuff, yay!). Please be sure to bookmark hawaiifilmblog.com instead of the long-ass blogspot address with the word "office" in it. Be sure to watch this space because this blog ain't dead, k? Although it will probably be mostly on hiatus until I get settled back East, or need a break from packing and unpacking.

So while I will be physically gone from Hawaii (except for my annual+ visits), I will still be there virtually and in spirit. Mahalo and aloha to all those folks whom I've worked with these past few years! You too can email me at mynette [at] gmail.com. Well, I guess all of you reading this can. Except for the weirdos, who can contact the Hawaii Film Office at (808) 586-2570 or info@hawaiifilmoffice.com. Aloooooooha!

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