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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Credits and Cash Say "Aloha"

Bravo's "Top Chef" judges with local chef Alan Wong

Forbes.com published a story today on how the state of Hawaii not only gives a 15-20% tax credit to productions, but sometimes, gives 'em cash. Such was the case for Bravo's "Top Chef," which got $60,000 from the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau (a state-funded non-profit) to come shoot its finale on the Big Island.

"Lost" did not get cash from the state but has benefitted from tax credits, without which the hit show could not justify staying in Hawaii. My former boss Donne Dawson was quoted as saying that the credits are necessary to level the playing field with other states (like NM and LA, each of which offers a 25% credit), and, of course, tax credit opponent Lowell Kalapa was quoted as well. I gotta admit, the guy is like an expert paraphraser...I mean, who knew there were so many different fancy ways to say "tax credits suck"?

Oh, one last thing: again, reporters, Nathan Vardi, etc., can you please review the AP Stylebook and realize that you keep misusing "Hawaiian"? Mahalo!

>> Aloha. Here's Some Cash. [Forbes.com, 1/31/07]

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