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Monday, November 27, 2006

Tax Credit Mania?

Here are two commentaries by Lowell Kalapa, Hawaii's most vocal opponent of tax credits. The first is about the brouhaha over the impending release of the Tax Review Commission's report which will include an analysis of Act 221, and the second is about what Kalapa perceives is a proliferation of tax credit requests inspired by Act 221. See if you agree with him...

>> Knock Down, Drag Out Fight, Expected Over Hawaii's High Tech Tax Credits [Hawaii Reporter, 11/20/06]
>> Hawaii State Government Overwhelmed with Tax Credit Requests [Hawaii Reporter, 11/26/06]

Act 221: Stop the Madness!
Tech Community: Act 221 Research Stinks!
>> New Data on Effectiveness of Act 221
>> Tax Dept. Clarifies Act 221 Standards
>> Press Massacres Hawaii's Film Tax Credits Again
>> Tax Incentives Suck...Who Said That?

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