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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Showdown in Chinatown Winners

In case you didn't brave the technical difficulties and teeming masses tonight at NextDoor or thirtyninehotel to watch the Showdown in Chinatown Championship, here are the winners (pardon the possible misspellings--feel free to email me corrections):

1st Place ($1000 winner) - "La Voyage" directed by Zach Heilison
2nd Place - "You Don't Have to Leave" directed by Vince Keala Lucero and James Vanderpoel
3rd Place (tie) - "Iris" by 3 Toad Team and "Half" directed by Chris Roher

Twelve films in all, including the above, made the semi-finalist cut out of about 30 submissions. All filmmakers had one week to complete their films, and all films had to be about "Finding Love," and include a wine bottle, bubble gum, and the line, "You don't have to leave."

Here are the rest of the semi-finalists:
* "Finding Love in the White House" directed by Johnny American
* "Sour Grapes" directed by ?
* "UnderDog" directed by Reese Williams
* "It" by Dark Sevier
* "Serendipity" directed by Michael Ogasawara
* "The Flea" directed by Walrus Howard
* "Pheromones" directed by Fifty Yen
* "Blindsided" directed by Chris Potts

A thirteenth film was shown even though it exceeded the 10-minute max: "Breaking Rules" directed by Robert Campbell.

My personal faves? The too-cool-for-school (but still cool) kaleidescopic experimental art film "It," the prettily photographed and scored "Iris," and "Serendipity" a funny "video haiku" by the talented young Michael Ogasawara, who I felt really captured what ought to be the spirit of the SIC film (simple, quick, witty, and executable with a cast and crew of less than 5). Mike's film was about 20 seconds long, and this was the entire script:
A dinner for two
Ex-girlfriends can be so cruel
You don't have to leave

And there you have indie filmmaking by way of Honolulu!

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