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Friday, September 22, 2006

Gay Goth in Hawaii

"Dante's Cove" (Photo: here!)

What do you get when you mix gay warlocks with lesbian witches and a tropical setting? Season 2 of "Dante's Cove," a gay gothic supernatural soap opera that was shot in Hawaii and is currently airing on here! Here! is a digital cable network owned by Regent Entertainment Group, which had previously come to Hawaii to shoot telefilm "Tides of War" for Showtime. According to a Hnl Advertiser article last week, the first season of "Dante's Cove" was shot in the Caribbean (where it's set), but producers decided to move it to Hawaii in part for the tax incentives. The result? More slickly oiled hardbodies on beaches casting spells and making mischief--this time, on American turf...camp incarnate!

'Dante's Cove' Where gothic meets gay [Hnl Advertiser, 9/17/06]

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