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Monday, August 07, 2006

Local Film Co. Enters Into $20M Agreement

Hawaii Film Partners, one of only a handful of locally based film and TV production companies, has entered into a $20 million partnership--"Asian Animation Run"--with the city of Changzhou in China and major Korean animation firm GIMC. The outfit will produce 4-5 animation projects.

Hawaii Film Partners is best known for co-producing Discovery Kids' "Flight 29 Down," a hit teen series shot entirely on Oahu. The Honolulu Advertiser quoted co-founder Rann Watumull as saying, "It's hard to build a local industry without local ownership...[Hawai'i Film Partners is] trying to change the paradigm by ownership, distribution and creative involvement."

Local film entity gets Asian help [Hnl Advertiser, 8/5/06]

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