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Monday, July 10, 2006

Two Downtown Venues Host New Film Events

Local filmmakers now have two more local avenues to vent their creativity:

  • "Showdown in Chinatown," a monthly 24-hour short film shootout hosted by thirtyninehotel. How it works: a topic is randomly selected and posted at showdowninchinatown.com at 10 pm on the third Friday of each month. Filmmakers then get 24 hours to write, shoot, and edit a 3-5 minute short film on that topic. The fee to submit a film is $20. The films are screened at 10 pm the following night (Saturday) at thirtyninehotel (viewers can watch for a $5 cover charge). Winners get chosen "Showtime at the Apollo"-style (by loudest applause), and winning films will be featured on the Showdown site until the next month (but I have yet to find the June 17th winner on the site). Watch for the next Showdown topic to be posted on Fri, July 21st at 10pm.
  • rRed Elephant Cafe's "Trailer Trash Tuesdays," a weekly screening of movie trailers, every Tuesday from 7 to 9pm. rRed Elephant regularly accepts submissions of your trailers (under 3 minutes, in DVD format) at: T.T.T.s / rRed Elephant Cafe / c/o Rogerio Araujo / 1144 Bethel St. / Honolulu, HI 96813

>> Shoot ’em up [Hnl Star-Bulletin, 7/9/06]

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