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Monday, July 31, 2006

'Ohina Short Film Showcase: Aug 4-5

The 'Ohina Short Film Showcase is back! Now in its seventh year, 'Ohina remains one of the few public screening opportunities available for local, independent short films. Considering that it's FREE to attend, there's no excuse to miss a screening at the Academy of Arts' Doris Duke Theater. The following program will be shown on Fri, 8/4 at 7:30pm, and on Sat, 8/5 at 12pm, 3pm, and 7pm:

Drama, 5 min
Writer & Director: Brett Wagner
Producer: Christina Simpkins
Cast: Christina Simpkins, Kimo Stowell
A couple's relationship is threatened by another woman… sort of. Originally produced for the Showdown in Chinatown 24-hour film festival.

Paper Cuts
Comedy, 6 min
Directors: Roy Kimura & David Sato
Writer & Producer: David Sato
Cast: Stu Hirayama, George Russell, Ernest Chang, Monica Ivey
An office can drive a normal person completely insane. See one man's descent into cubicle madness. No office supplies were injured in this film.

The Cleaner
Action / Comedy, 8 min
Director: Martin Troy
Producers: Gail Marie, Martin Troy
Writer: Jon Bonnell
Cast: Steve Boatright, Dezmond Gilla, Gail Marie
Two hitmen arrive to whack a mob boss, but get more than they bargained for. Film contains adult language and violence.

Another Beautiful Day
Animation, 3 min
Director: Dan Boulos
Writer & Producer: Jeff Katts
Cast: Rene Garcia, "Pi'ilani" Crabbe Jones, Jeff Katts
A young woman's peaceful day is disrupted by an evil force of biblical proportions.

Animation, 2 min
Producer & Director: Michael L. Evans
A lovable rat bites off more than he can chew. Recipient of the Gold Award at the 2006 Hawai‘i Student Film Festival.

Nate Washington
Drama, 18 min
Writer & Director: Blane Dydasco
Produers: Blane Dydasco, Nicole Wright
Cast: Kevin Nichols, Adrian Flowers
All-American athlete Nate Washington is sidelined after a family tragedy.

The Plight of the Coqui
Documentary, 2 min
Writer & Director: Joe Kostylo
Producer: Allison Goldman
Cast: Teddy Tobby
A creative examination of the troublesome coqui frog, which threatens Hawai‘i's ecosystem.

Domitri's Big, Fat Russian Movie
Comedy, 12 min
Director: Mark Brians
Producer: Warhead Productions
Writers: Mark Brians, Nick Poole
Cast: Alelesey Vassily'lev, Mark Brians, Angela Carlton
Domitri is an aspiring filmmaker trying to make a sci-fi masterpiece. Will he prevail or will he drive away his cast and crew?

Silent Years
Drama, 13 min
Producer & Director: James Sereno
Writer: Lois-Ann Yamanaka
Cast: Julie Nagata, Matthew Miller, Wil Kahele, Janice Terukina
After years of repression, a woman must journey back to her past and confront her memories of teenage abuse. First Runner Up - Short Film British Academy Awards L.A., Best Hawaii Filmmaker Award 2004 Hawaii International Film Festival. Film contains adult language and situations.

Harrison - Falling Down
Music Video, 5 min
Producer & Director: Chris Potts
Cast: Harrison
A cool music video featuring Hawai‘i indie music group Harrison.

Sweet 'N Sour Brides
Comedy, 3 min
Writer, Producer, Director: Peter Tang
Cast: Stella Tong, Davis Wyn, Jessica Cho Go
A Chinese mother confuses her son's choice of prom date with marriage. Recipient of the Gold Award at the 2006 Hawai‘i Student Film Festival.

Na Pua o Maunalua
Documentary, 5 min
Producer & Director: Amanda Suiso
Writers: Amanda Suiso, Nanea Baird, Melissa Ratzlaff, Tasia Chase
A documentary about a group of Kaiser High School students and their immersion experiences with Hokule‘a master navigator Nainoa Thompson.

The Sand Island Drive-In Anthem
Drama, 21 min
Director: Ryan Kawamoto
Executive Producers: Jason Suapaia & James Sereno
Writer: Cedric Yamanaka
Cast: Mark Malalis, Augie Tulba, Stephanie Sanchez, BullDog, Stu Hirayama, and Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa
Four young men learn valuable lessons about life, love, and friendship while working long hours at a Kalihi Drive-In. Winner of the Audience Choice Award at the 2005 Hawai‘i International Film Festival. Film contains adult language and violence.

Valtor the Great vs. the Universe
Action / Comedy, 10 min
Writer & Director: Gerard Elmore
Producers: Yuri Biersach, Joji Yoshida
Cast: Jaeves Iha, Maia Knudsen-Schule, Hawaiian Guy from Molokai
Valtor and his high school posse must save the world from invading aliens! Recipient of the Honolulu Magazine Short Film Award at the 2005 Hawai‘i International Film Festival.

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