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Thursday, June 01, 2006

Amateur Documentarian Highlights Homeless Problem

The beautiful Wai'anae coast

Concerned with the homeless shanties riddling the beaches of Wai'anae on Oahu's West coast, first-time filmmaker Denise Saylors picked up a camera and interviewed Wai'anae residents about the growing problem of homelessness in their neck of the woods.

Saylor says of her film, "This documentary is not meant to be a condemnation of homelessness nor of the Wai'anae Coast. But it is meant to illuminate some of the harsh realities of homelessness, the consequences that communities, cities, counties, states, all of us suffer by trying to turn our backs on homelessness, by trying to pretend it doesn't exist."

You can catch her film, "This is Paradise?" on public access station 'Olelo Channel 54 this month:
Tues, June 20: 10pm
Fri, June 23: 6pm
Sat, June 24: 3pm
Mon, June 26: 9am

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