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Friday, March 10, 2006

"Lost" Officially Honored by State Legislature

"Lost" cast and crew flanked by Hawaii state senators

ABC's "Lost" was issued proclamations by Hawaii's House and Senate today in honor of their recent critical achievements and contributions to Hawaii. Each of the legislative bodies presented the proclamations to cast and crew in attendance at their respective floor presentations. "Lost" attendees included producer Jean Higgins, her assistant Kaleen Yamase, local publicist Kristin Jackson, and actors Harold and Brittany Perrineau. Below is the official press release on the event. And here is the House Resolution, HR62, that officially recognizes "Lost"'s accomplishments.

"Lost" was not the only locally based performing arts-related organization honored by the legislature today. Through HR61, the House also recognized the Castle Performing Arts Center, which was recently named one of the top after-school arts programs in the country, receiving the annual Coming Up Taller Award from the President's Committee on Arts and Humanities and the National Endowment for the Arts. That award--a plaque plus $10,000--was given by Laura Bush and choreographer Debbie Allen to acknowledge the stellar training the program provides in singing, dancing, and acting.

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State of Hawaii

News Release
For Immediate Release
March 10, 2006

Contact: Rep. Jon Riki Karamatsu
T. 808-586-8490
Media Assistance: Georgette Deemer
T. 808-586-6133; C. 808-341-5043


Honolulu. State lawmakers today honored the cast and crew of ABC Television's hit drama series, "LOST" on the floor of the House and Senate Chambers. Led by Representative Jon Riki Karamatsu, chair of the House Economic Development and Business Concerns committee, and Senator Carol Fukunaga, chair of the Senate Media, Arts, Science and Technology committee, the legislature congratulated the cast and crew of "LOST" for winning the Emmy, Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild awards for outstanding drama series on television.

"LOST" tells the interpersonal stories of plane crash survivors deserted on a tropical island and has established a huge worldwide following. The production has been able to film in Hawaii by utilizing tax credits for digital media production established by the legislature in Act 221 and Act 215.

"In addition to the talented actors on the series, the producers have taken great care and sensitivity to showcase the island of Oahu as a principal 'player,' giving Hawaii and our people a gracious acknowledgement whenever they have won an award for their series," said Rep. Karamatsu in his floor remarks.

Productions like "LOST" would also benefit from two bills advancing at the legislature regarding tax breaks for the digital media industry: House Bill 3080, House Draft 1, and Senate Bill 2570, Senate Draft 2. The bills provide a tax credit amounting to 15 percent of qualified production costs incurred on Oahu, and 20 percent on Neighbor Islands, with a cap of $8 million per production. According to film industry officials, this would make Hawaii competitive with other jurisdictions.

"Hawaii has been called the world's premiere tropical location, " said Representative Jerry Chang, chair of the Tourism and Culture Committee. "If we want to maintain that position, the industry has told us that we must be more than just a pretty face. These tax incentives will help to grow the industry and provide well-paying, creative jobs for the next generation of Hawaii filmmakers."

"The success of LOST in winning the Emmy, Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Awards has brought positive attention to the film industry in Hawaii. If we can seize the moment and compete with other localities around the world, we will generate revenue and create jobs for our community," added Karamatsu.

Film and digital media has been a significant factor in the growth of tourism and Hawaii's overall economy. This industry brought in an estimated $100 million in gross revenues in 2005, and an estimated $13 million in direct and indirect taxes. More than 600 productions per year film in Hawaii, including major motion pictures, television series such as the Emmy and Golden Globe-winning "LOST", documentaries and commercials. Companies from all over the world have brought their productions to Hawaii, and each time their projects are shown or exhibited, Hawaii is prominently showcased to audiences.


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