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Monday, March 13, 2006

Are You Part of Hawaii's Creative Economy? Take This!

Hawaii's Department of Business, Economic Development & Tourism's (DBEDT's) Arts, Film & Entertainment Division (AFED), of which the Hawaii Film Office is a part, is conducting a survey of local artisans, businesses, and organizations that fall within the industries that comprise Hawaii's Creative Economy. And what, pray tell, you ask, is the "Creative Economy"? Here's the definition DBEDT's PR guy Dave Young wrote on the official press release:

"The Creative Economy is defined as the economic activity of a broad spectrum of commercial businesses, individuals, cultural enterprises, nonprofit institutions and government agencies that directly or indirectly produce goods and/or provide services that are based on intellectual property rooted in, or generated by, artistry, design, aesthetic value or cultural enterprise. "

OK, so what does that mean?

  • Film & Digital Media (television, film production, digital media, interactive media, game production, radio)
  • Applied Arts (graphic design, architecture, industrial design, crafts, advertising, interior design, photography, culinary arts, Web design)
  • Performing Arts (music, theater, dance)
  • Visual Arts (painting, sculpture, galleries, auction houses)
  • Literary Arts (writing, publishing)
  • Heritage and preservation (museums, historic sites, heritage districts)
  • Advocacy and Support (cultural councils, funders)
  • Ethnic Cultural Activities (festivals, parades, cultural exchange)
  • Arts Education

Why is this being done? DBEDT hopes to use the info to help develop Hawaii's Creative Economy by creating a network of arts-related businesses, organizations and people; identifying their needs and creating programs based on those needs; promoting public awareness of arts products and services; and gathering reliable data on the arts industry sectors.

Survey participants have been pre-determined and will received surveys in the mail soon, but if you work in one of the areas above and do not receive a survey, contact Jenine Dankovchik of SMS Research at (808) 440-0737 or toll free at 1-877-535-5767, or by email at jdankovchik@smshawaii.com.

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