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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Right of Publicity Bill Dies

SB2740, the "right of publicity" bill that sought further protections on the commercial use of an individual's likeness whether that individual was living or dead, is dead (killed by MAT today). The impetus for the legislation was an instance of misuse of the late Israel Kamakawiwo'ole's likeness for commercial gain. Several states have a "right of publicity" statute in place, in addition to standard privacy and defamation laws. Opponents including the MPAA argue that the law promotes an unnecessarily litigious atmosphere and potentially impinges on the First Amendment rights of artists who depict public figures in their works, and even news and documentary programs that feature celebrities.

OK, so that leaves us with 5 bills left to monitor (see right nav bar). Although the two I posted about yesterday seem like longshots at this point. The other ones (two 15-20% production rebate bills and the Act 221 buy-back bill) will be heard by the money committees (FIN, WAM) probably next week.

>> Two More Film-Related Bills
MAT Passes SB2570
Rep. Karamatsu Issues News Release Supporting HB3080
MAT Kills SB2384, Defers SB2570, SB2740

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