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Monday, February 06, 2006

Random Hawaii-Related Film News

  • NBC's "The Office" and ABC's "Lost" are continually vying for the title of #1 most downloaded show on iTunes. The iTunes/iPod alternative distribution experiment has apparently performed splendidly for the various TV networks. Disney-ABC's exec veep of digital media Albert Cheng said, "Overall, we've seen our ratings increase for the shows we have on iTunes, and it continues to pick up momentum," adding that "Lost" was doing "extraordinarily well."
    Networks' iTunes gamble paying off [Reuters, 2/6/06]
  • "Americanese," the third feature directed by Eric Byler, who grew up partly in Hawaii, is premiering at the SXSW Film Festival in Austin in March. The film, based on Shawn Wong's novel, "American Knees," examines Asian American identity politics through the relationship mini-dramas of a second generation Chinese American man. "Americanese" stars Hawaii kama'aina Kelly Hu, along with Joan Chen, Chris Tashima, and Sab Shimono.
  • Hawaii is maxed out--physically, that is. Having just come off a record year for tourism, state tourism officials are rethinking their marketing strategies to try to attract higher-spending visitors. The occupancy rate for Hawaii hotels was 81.2% last year, second only to New York City at 82.6%. Hawaii Tourism Authority chief Rex Johnson said, "If you try to stuff too many visitors into this space we have, you begin to be a detriment to your product. If we lose this thing called 'aloha,' we're just like any sand-and-surf destination. I don't believe we can afford to go there." What does this mean for visiting film & TV productions? Plan early!
    Hawaii nearing capacity with record number of visitors [AP via AZCentral, 2/6/06]

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