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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

MAT Kills SB2384, Defers SB2570, SB2740

Click on this visual aid to learn the long and winding path that SB2570 must go through to become a law. The yellow highlighted box is where the bill is right now.

The Senate MAT committee killed SB2384, the investment tax credit 20% buy-back bill, today. It also deferred decisionmaking on SB2570, the 15-20% production tax credit, to Thurs, 2/9, 1:30pm, Capitol Rm 225, so that MAT committee chair Senator Fukunaga (the first lady in the picture above) has time to amend it. Finally, MAT deferred decisionmaking on SB2740, the right of publicity bill, till Tues, 2/14.

SB2570 will then become SB2570, SD1 (Senate Bill 2570, Senate Draft 1) and be punted over to the WAM committee, chaired by Senator Taniguchi (guy with the mustache above).

>> Decisionmaking hearing notice on SB2570, 2/9/06
>> Decisionmaking hearing notice on SB2740, 2/14/06

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