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Thursday, February 02, 2006

MAT Decisionmaking on Film Bills Deferred

The Senate MAT Committee heard testimony on the film incentive bills SB2570 and SB2384 today, but didn't have time to vote on the measures. Decisionmaking was deferred till Tuesday, 2/7 at 1:15pm in Rm. 225 at the Capitol.

The following people/organizations submitted testimony in support of SB2570, the 15-20% refundable production tax credit bill:

  • Dept. of Business, Economic Development, and Tourism; State of Hawaii (Hawaii Film Office falls within this dept.)
  • Dept. of Taxation; State of Hawaii
  • Honolulu Film Office
  • Big Island Film Office
  • Maui Film Office
  • Labor Unions: SAG, IATSE, and Musician's Union
  • Hawaii Film & Entertainment Board
  • William Meyer, Entertainment Attorney
  • Hawaii Movie Studios
  • Ko'Olina Resort & Marina
  • Pae'aina Communications
  • Estate of James Campbell
  • Kinetic Films
  • Kata Mauli, Talent Rep
  • and John Radcliffe, on behalf of Motion Picture Association of America, noted in testimony on another bill (SB2740, right of publicity) that the "MPAA is convinced that the pending production incentive legislation is on the right track to enhancing [the relationship between Hawaii and Hollywood] which will lead to more jobs and economic activity in the state]."

SB2384, the investment tax credit 20% buy-back bill, had support from:

  • Dept. of Business, Economic Development, and Tourism; State of Hawaii
  • Dept. of Taxation; State of Hawaii
  • William Meyer, Entertainment Attorney
  • Maui Film Office
  • and the Big Island Film Office noted its support but preference for SB2570.

Lowell Kalapa of the Tax Foundation of Hawaii opposed both bills. I'll link to the official committee report as soon as it is posted (which should be soon).

The companion bills to the above incentive measures will be heard early tomorrow morning by the House TAC and EDB committees at 8:30am in Rm. 325 at the Capitol.

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