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Monday, February 13, 2006

"Flight 29 Down" and Stuff

Because those obsessive 'tweens love their TV shows and Tiger Beat cover boys, "Corbin Bleu" of Discovery Kids' "Flight 29 Down" is just about the most popular search term for this blog (that and "film tax incentives"). Capitalizing on this 'tween mania is the Honolulu Advertiser's Mike Tsai, who apparently was busy this weekend writing articles about "Flight 29 Down" and other random Hawaii film/TV goings-on. Here's a list of those articles, including the first two "Flight 29 Down" actor profiles in a series of profiles, with a new one appearing each day this week.

>> 'Flight 29 down' takes off [Advertiser, 2/12/06]
Youngest castaway upbeat about 'Down' role [Advertiser, 2/12/06]
>> Destination theater for 'Flight 29' actress [Advertiser, 2/13/06]
Filmmaker Jordan Alan likes it here [Advertiser, 2/12/06]

"Flight 29 Down" Begins Shooting Season 2
>> Hawaii Galore in Hollywood Reporter
>> Surf-Horror, Anyone?

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