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Thursday, February 09, 2006

"Baywatch" Film: Pam or No Pam?

Brooke Burns and Michael Bergin "saving lives" in Hawaii

A British tabloid reported that upcoming "Baywatch" feature film co-producer Eli Roth said Pamela Anderson was going to have a cameo role in the movie. However, some sleuthing by Ain't It Cool News's Harry Knowles revealed that Roth's quotes were completely fabricated.

Meanwhile, the same source quoted David Hasselhoff as saying, "The film will be set in different locations around the world. There will be lifeguards who are also sent on crime-busting sprees." Sounds more like "Baywatch Nights" ('member that?) to me...

Whatever, as long as these jet-setting lifeguard-detectives make a pit stop in Hawaii, where the hugely popular syndicated TV show sang its swan song. "Baywatch: Hawaii" shot on Oahu for two years and even left us a 94,000-gallon water tank at the Hawaii Film Studio that the producers had custom built for underwater shots.

>> UPDATE: Thespian Pamela Anderson To Bouyantly Bounce About in BAYWATCH THE MOVIE??? [Ain't It Cool News, 2/9/06]
Anderson to Make Cameo in ‘Baywatch’ Movie [WENN via Hollywood.com, 2/9/06]

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