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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A Pictorial History of Hawaii

A 1938 photo of the Royal Hawaiian and Moana Hotels on Waikiki Beach
(Honolulu Advertiser Archives)

Just in case anyone wanted to shoot a period piece in Hawaii, I'm letting you know about the Honolulu Advertiser's online photo diary to which the publication, celebrating its 150th anniversary this year, will post one historical photo per day. Posted photos so far include a 1903 photo of Honolulu citizens receiving the first signals of a trans-Pacific cable, an undated photo of the Piggly Wiggly on Waialae & 10th Avenues, and the 1938 photo above of old Waikiki. The Advertiser is also publishing a special "today in history" feature. Check 'em out after the jumps.

>> A daily photo diary of Hawai'i's history [Honolulu Advertiser]
>> The history of today [Honolulu Advertiser]

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