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Thursday, January 12, 2006

"Lost" in the Urban Jungle

The "Lost" ratings juggernaut continued yesterday, with 20 million viewers tuning into Mr. Eko's backstory. Interesting stuff, but not as fun as watching Santino dis Michael Kors on "Project Runway."

Looks like J.J. Abrams is hoping to bring a little of "Lost"'s successful formula to the Big Apple. ABC just ordered his new show, "Six Degrees" for its 2006 pilot season. "Six Degrees" is a soapy ensemble drama that follows the intertwined lives of a group of strangers living in New York. And why not? There is a 15% production tax credit over there.

ABC's 'Lost' return flight takes off Wed. [THR, 1/12/06]
Nets take flight with host of pilot orders [THR, 1/12/06]

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