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Thursday, December 15, 2005

States Cannibalizing States

Some states have all the luck, some states have all the pain, some states get all the breaks, some states do nothin' but complain. That in a nutshell (thanks Rod Stewart) sums up the fierce domestic competition for non-polluting, location-promoting, job-creating film and TV production business.

Recently, Rhode Island, the Carolinas, Georgia, Arizona, and Massachusetts joined the now not-so-elite club of states with generous production tax incentives. That club is dominated by Louisiana, New Mexico, and New York. There are other states in the club too, like Florida, Oregon, Montana, Missouri, Illinois, and Pennsylvania. I've probably missed a few, given that it's getting harder to keep up with all the new incentives popping up all over the U.S. (not to mention in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, yada yada yada).

Anyway, check out some preliminary success stories in Massachusetts (where a large casting agency got a 25% bump in business since the gov signed off on incentives about 2 weeks ago) and Oregon (which spent just $1M to generate $12M). And check out the envy of incentive-less states like Virginia and Idaho.

>> Hub casting companies expecting more calls [Boston Herald, 12/15/05]
>> Oregon Governor Announces The 2005 Film Advocate Awards [Josephine County News, 12/12/05]
>> Group plans to lure film projects to Va. [Richmond Times-Dispatch, 12/9/05]
>> Incentives sought for film industry [Idaho Statesman, 12/10/05]

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