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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

My Year of Film Blogs

indieWIRE just declared 2005 "The Year of the (Film) Blogs," what with the explosion of incisive, snarky, schadenfreude-filled blogs by cinephiles and filmmakers pooping verbal diarrhea on everything from crappy CGI to the latest box office death knell to what Harvey Weinstein had for breakfast (thanks VanAirsdale, fellow Weinstein stalker).

My personal recs:
Cinematical, The Reeler, eugonline, Talk Stink, and LV Hawaii Int'l Film Fest Blog. O, blogosphere-o-mine, you've come a long way since Elizabeth Spiers was tapping out snide tidbits on Gawker.

>> LOOKING BACK AT '05: The Year of the (Film) Blogs, With More To Come [indieWIRE, 12/15/05]

Speaking of Blogs...
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