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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

King Kong on Kauai

King Kong old and new: Kauai vs. New Zealand

All this hubbub about Peter Jackson's new $200 million remake of "King Kong" (shot in New Zealand) is making my memory drift to simpler times, like when Dino De Laurentiis produced his own "
King Kong" remake starring Jessica Lange back in the 70s for just $25 million.

OK, so that was a big chunk of change 30 years ago, but I needed a lead-in to talk about how De Laurentiis's 1976 film was shot on Kauai. Sure it was a critical and commercial flop, but what pretty beaches and jungles, huh? In fact, it was nominated for a Best Cinematography Oscar and a Production Design BAFTA--thanks, I'm sure, to all the magnificent natural foliage the DP and art department had to work with. Check out some of that foliage at the Kauai Film Commission site--go now.

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