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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Fun With Titles

So The N's 'tween/teen series about girls who surf is now called "Beyond the Break," after being dubbed "Boarding School," then "Makaha Surf," then back to "Boarding School." Shooting for the show's first season wraps in 2 weeks.

The title is just one of many different permutations of oft-used words in the titles of made-in-Hawaii films and TV shows. "Beyond the Break" takes the "beyond" from previously filmed-in-Hawaii HBO telefilm "Beyond Hawaii" (2001) and indie feature "Beyond Paradise" (1998), and mixes it up with the "break" from Keanu Reeves starrer "Point Break" (1991) and failed Fox cop drama "The Break" (2003).

You too can get a made-in-Hawaii insta-title for your film! Just string some of these words together with prepositions: Hawaii, paradise, blue, North Shore, break, wind, water, beach, summer, pacific, island, heat, and surf. Examples: "Blue Hawaii," "North Shore" (the movie and the TV series), "Hawaii" (the movie and the TV series), and "Wind on Water." Voila! (Of course, none of these beat my all-time favorite made-in-Hawaii film title, "Snakes on a Plane.")

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