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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Hawaii Newbies, Read This

Productions going on location often have to get familiar with their host locales in a jiffy. In light of this, below are some primers for Hawaii that every visiting filmmaker should check out before landing here. Your shoots will go much more smoothly if you know a thing or two about where you're spending the next few weeks. Here are a few Hawaii factoids to start your education:

  • Became the 50th state in 1959
  • Population of 1.26 million
  • Racial make-up: 42% Asian, 23% White, 9% Hawaiian/Pacific Islander, 7% Latino, 2% Black, 21% Multiracial
  • State motto: Ua mau ke ea o ka 'aina i ka pono (the life of the land is perpetuated in righteousness) - That's a hint for all you production folks who want to toss your cigarette butts in the sand!
  • Summer temps range from 70 degrees at night to 85 in the day, winter temps go from 60s to 70s
  • Ocean temp is 74 -75 degrees in March, 79-80 degrees in September
  • Colloquial dialect is Hawaiian Creole English, or Pidgin
  • Public transportation is available on Oahu via The Bus
  • Hawaii has 2 official languages: English and Hawaiian (local financial institutions accept checks written in Hawaiian!)
  • Bugs here are ginormous
  • We have the highest per capita SPAM consumption in the country

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