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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Vintage Hawaii Films on the Auction Block

Hawaii librarian and film historian Steven Fredrick is auctioning his amazing collection of 250 original Hawaii-related 16mm films, with a starting bid of $87,500 for the whole lot.

The mostly one-of-a-kind films include surfing films featuring legends like Eddie Aikau and Duke Kahanamoku, newsreels including the Pearl Harbor attack, mystery flicks starring Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi, travelogues dating back to the 20s, "soundies" or music videos of hapa-haole bands, and behind-the-scenes footage of Elvis Presley and James A. Michener. The oldest film in the collection is a 1925 silent western starring Duke Kahanamoku as an Indian chief.

A mainland company has already bid for the lot, but Fredrick hopes that someone in Hawaii will step up and bid so that the films can stay where they belong.

For more information, email: filmguy54 *at* hotmail.com

>> Movie history up for bid [Hnl Star-Bulletin, 10/25/05]

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