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Friday, October 14, 2005

"Local/Haole Friction" on "Boarding School"

Photo by Dennis Oda / Star-Bulletin

So "Makaha Surf" has been changed back to "Boarding School," for now anyway. There seems to be a whole lotta name changin' on Hawaii shows. Fox's "North Shore," for example, was originally going to be called "Oahu," and NBC's "Hawaii" was first known as "Pearl City."

Anyway, the Honolulu Star-Bulletin's Tim Ryan wrote an article detailing the progress of the "Boarding School" shoot, currently taking place on Oahu's West side. The show has been billed as "'Blue Crush' meets 'The Real World'" and will depict "local/haole friction" with the surfing scene as a backdrop. (
What's a haole?) Apparently, 80% of the crew is local--many of them folks who left the grueling grind of "Lost" for a kinder, gentler production.

Smaller productions such as "Boarding School" often provide better opportunities for local crew, who are typically relegated to lower positions on big studio productions. A set decorator or camera assistant on "Lost" could be the production designer or D.P., respectively, on a smaller production. This is one of the many reasons smaller productions should be encouraged and supported.

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