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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Has This Blog "Lost" Its Way?

Yunjin just bought a home, while Josh's just got robbed.

Of course not! It is still a very serious blog, dealing with very serious and important issues, thank you. But that doesn't mean I can't pimp out "Lost" to attract more eyeballs. Hey, when I was working at Time, whenever newsstand sales were down, the editors would slap Jesus on the cover, and voila! Instant newsstand cash! Plus, that would reel in more readers to the more serious journalistic coverage (well, whatever little of it was left in the magazine, which like every other magazine has become so bastardized by celebrity culture).
In that tradition, here are some "Lost"-related news and gossip tidbits--paired with very serious and important facts, mind you.

  • You can now download "Lost" from iTunes for $1.99 per episode the day after it airs. You can watch it on your computer or sync it to the new iPod Apple announced yesterday that was designed for video viewing. Very serious and important fact: Computer penetration in households and Internet usage in Hawaii exceeds the national average.
  • Yunjin Kim has just purchased a condo on Oahu, which offers her homey respite from a day of shooting on a hot beach or in the "haunted" Xerox building that houses the cave set. Very serious and important fact: In the 2nd quarter of 2005, Honolulu ranked 4th among metro areas in median single-home price. At $578K, we beat L.A. (#7) and NYC/NJ/LI (#9).
  • Josh Holloway and his wife were awoken from their slumber at home last night and robbed at gunpoint. The robber took cash and the keys to their car, which was later found abandoned. Very serious and important fact: The incident itself was very serious indeed, but here are some facts about crime in Honolulu: while property crime exceeds the national average (1.21x), violent crime is well below (.48x). Compare that with NYC and L.A., where the violent crime rates are 1.23x and 2.13x the national average, respectively.

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