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Monday, September 12, 2005

Surf-Horror, Anyone?

Is that a surfer...or is it...a monster?!

L.A. transplant Jordan Alan loves Hawaii so much, he's decided to put down some roots here. He's about to shoot his first made-in-Hawaii feature called "Pipeline," which combines two popular genres: surf flick + horror flick. His other half, Amanda Righetti, last seen as the blonde vixen on Fox's recently cancelled Hawaii-based series "North Shore," will star in the film. Click here to check out an early trailer, which is basically an assemblage of the surf footage Alan shot earlier this year.

"Pipeline" is being produced under Alan's production company moniker, The Outer Reefs, Ltd., with financing and distribution by Australia-based Arclight Films ("Beautiful Boxer," "Face," "Reefer Madness," CBS's "Elvis" miniseries).

Alan promises the crew will be at least 90% local. And why not? One of our local crew members just won an Emmy. Plus we boast the best surf cinematographers and water safety experts in the world. Local folks on board already include co-producer Brian Keaulana of Hawaiian Water Patrol and VFX outfit Cause & F(x) Pictures.

Alan is hoping to do for Hawaii what Peter Jackson did for his native New Zealand. Considering that Jackson cut his teeth on genre-meshing horror-comedy splatterfests, Alan looks to be on the right track.

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