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Sunday, September 11, 2005

PipelineFX CEO Quits

"Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within" was developed by PipelineFX's predecessor Square USA

Bill Spencer has stepped down as CEO of Honolulu-based PipelineFX, which specializes in render farm management software used in 3D animation, special effects, and other computer graphics for films and interactive games.

Spencer, who served as PipelineFX's CEO for 2 years, told Pacific Business News that "The founders are in a position now to manage the company so I stepped aside. I was really the CEO who came in to help them raise their financing and get them off the ground." Co-founder and COO Richard Lewis said that the split, which took effect 7/31, was amicable, and that while Spencer won't have an active role, he's still a "significant shareholder" in the company.

Spencer has been succeeded by PipelineFX's co-founder Troy Brooks. Spencer remains president of the non-profit
Hawaii Venture Capital Association, which he has led since 1999.

Bill Spencer leaves Pipelinefx [Pacific Business News, 9/9/05]

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