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Monday, August 22, 2005

Speaking of Blogs...

Those interested in Hawaii-related media & entertainment news might want to add Talk Stink to their morning-coffee reading list. Self-professed as "Hawaii's Media & Entertainment Spy," this blog offers news, notes, pics, and perspectives different from what you might find in the columns and articles by Tim Ryan (Hnl Star-Bulletin), Michael Tsai (Hnl Advertiser), and Kawehi Haug (Hnl Weekly).

Also worth checking out is Lost-TV, the unofficial fan site for the made-in-Hawaii ABC hit series. The site's "News & Updates" section, in blog format, is obsessively, compulsively, and continuously populated with new posts by an obviously rabid fan (the site launched even before the pilot script was finalized).

Know of any other Hawaii blogs related to film or TV? Please email me and lemme know. Or, start your own, and we'll have our very own little Hawaii film blogosphere. (Do you see where I'm headed here? If not, check this out.)

>> Talk Stink, Hawaii's Media & Entertainment Spy
>> Lost-TV, the Unofficial Fansite for ABC's "Lost"

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