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Monday, August 15, 2005

How "Lost" Was Found

"Lost" premiered in the UK last week, attracting 6.4 million viewers (a 28% share of all TV viewing). It was Channel 4's most successful U.S. series launch, breaking the 4.6 million record set by "Desperate Housewives" this past January.

In anticipation of the premiere, muckraking British journalists reported on how "Lost" came to be, and how the man who had discovered it, Lloyd Braun, was unceremoniously fired for greenlighting the most expensive pilot in the history of American television.

Despite the skepticism of his Disney superiors (Michael Eisner said that "Lost" was "A crazy project that's never going to work," while Bob Iger decried, "This is a waste of time."), Braun pressed on, and "Lost," as we all know now, became a bona fide critical and commercial hit, and a media darling to boot. But not before Braun, the chair of the ABC Television Group, was summarily dismissed. Now he can spout his "I told ya so's" from his new post as Yahoo's head honcho of media and entertainment.

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