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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Hawaii's Reel Stories

For about a year and a half now, Don Brown has been cranking out episodes of "Hawaii's Reel Stories," which is "A half-hour people-oriented program showcasing the dynamic and diverse film scene in Hawaii, and an opportunity to tell our own stories instead of letting others define us."

"Hawaii's Reel Stories" airs on local station OC16 (Oceanic Cable Channel 16) and has featured behind-the-scenes segments on numerous productions, including indie films "The Night Marchers," "The Orb," "Amasian: The Amazing Asian," and ABC's "Lost;" interviews with notable local actors and production crew; Hawaii's animation scene; and local film festivals.

The series is premiering a new season tonight at 8:30pm with episode #25, "Pacific Heritage," featuring DeSoto Brown of the Bishop Museum Film Archives, director Na'alehu Anthony who particpated in Sundance Film Institute's Native Forum, Ruth Bolan and Shane Seggar of Pacific Islanders in Communications, and my boss (Donne Dawson) and me from the Hawaii Film Office.

"Hawaii's Reel Stories" Schedule:
Thursday at 8:30pm
- Friday at 2 am & 1 pm
- Sunday at 1 pm & 11:30 pm
- Monday at 5 am & 11 am
- Wednesday at 11 am & 4:30 pm

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