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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Hollywood vs. Hawaii, Part 9,879,351

Today's Honolulu Star-Bulletin featured a story on local boy Chris Palzis, whose 1999 comedy, "Bad Trip," starring Coolio and Ethan Suplee, was recently released on DVD by Lions Gate. Why the delayed release? The film had been largely ignored until Palzis self-financed and shot Coolio and Krayzie Bone music video "I Don't Wanna Die." The video, shot in Hawaii, ends where "Bad Trip" begins. This prequel gimmick managed to renew interest in the film and land Palzis a DVD distribution deal.

Like many Hawaii natives in film and television, Palzis, a Punahou grad, struggles with the mainland versus Hawaii conundrum. Says Palzis: "I like to go where the odds are in my favor, and my best chances are in Hollywood. You gotta play the numbers."

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