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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Would These Places Give You a Headache?

Waipio Valley, Big Island & Lumahai Beach, Kauai

Josef Adalian's article in today's Variety reporting the promotion of Barry Jossen to exec VP of production for Touchstone Television (congrats, Barry!) noted that the production of "Lost," which Barry oversees, involves the "added headache of shooting on location in Hawaii."

While shooting on location can potentially incur more expense and present more unknown variables than shooting on a soundstage, one would think that these effects would be mitigated by the sheer pleasure of being in Hawaii (see pics above and here). Besides, the weather here is generally great, and we have a whole host of resources to help productions manage on-location shoots.

And we do have back-up for those who prefer the more controlled environment of a soundstage. Hawaii has several shooting stages including the state-owned Hawaii Film Studio, a 16,500 s.f., 29' high soundproof, air-conditioned stage nestled at the foot of Diamond Head crater.

If you do ever get a headache from shooting on location here, just take a dip in the warm blue ocean or a nap on the beach.

>> Touchstone TV lifts exec [Variety, 6/28/05]

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