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Thursday, June 23, 2005

City Permit Fee Hike Makes National News

The Hollywood Reporter has gotten wind of Oahu's impending 3000% film permit fee hike. In an article today entitled, rather gloomily, "Filming fee hike may stall Hawaii film boom," THR reports that the Honolulu City Council wants to levy a $300/day film permit fee for major national film and TV productions shooting in city parks, beaches, or facilities.

The article further notes that this fee hike is adding fuel to the fire started by the state legislature's recent failure to pass a 15-20% refundable production tax credit. Film Commissioner Donne Dawson says of the fee hike, "We've expressed our extreme concern. This could not have been a worse message at a worse time."

But there is some potential relief from paying the full revised fee: the City Council bill that raises the fees (Bill 31, CD1) allows for reductions by the mayor or his designee if the production will "feature or promote the State of Hawaii, island of Oahu, and/or city and county of Honolulu. Such promotions may be through the production directly or via indirect promotions related to the production."
The city administration is developing a schedule which will allow for a reduction in the fees charged based on meeting qualifying criteria. New fees go into effect on July 1, 2005.

Note that there are no anticipated hikes to any nominal state permit fees assessed for certain state-owned locations.

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